Montanhês Portugal


Montanhês Comercial, Lda. was distinguished by the quality of their performance and risk profile, as PME Líder under the Programme FINCRESCE. This certification attests to the superior performance profile and dynamic business management, contributing to sustainable wealth creation and social welfare.


In 1979, Montanhês - Indústria de Lacticínios da Maia, Lda. was born, a company located in the north of Portugal, in Maia town, near Oporto city. Originally dedicated to the production and marketing of the recognized and traditional fresh cheeses Montanhês. The famous white cheese´s softness and unique flavour is to date a point of reference and an estimated value to everyone.

In 1996 after a continuous and solid growth, Montanhês Comercial, Lda. is created. A new company which holds the former dairy industry and enhances the structure and organization of the company to focus on the commercial activity and specialization on the marketing and distribution. Since then, it has become the visible face to the market for a wide range of food products, and not only the dairy products. Representing major European brands always in exclusivity to the Portuguese market, and presenting to the market high quality products.

In 2010, following the growth strategy in the export markets was born the subsidiary based in Cape Verde, after the success of the work developed in Cape Verdean market and implementation of brand "Montanhês”. With a solid project and structure, we want to be closer to our clients and increasingly being the best solution for the food products market.

We are a strong and solid company, specialized in the import, export, distribution and marketing of food products. The experience and knowledge of our organization, a highly skilled sales team, large and modern facilities are what we have to offer. We support a wide distribution and logistics network, own and contracted, with and without cold, allowing us to be present throughout all the Portuguese territory, including the islands of Madeira and Azores, with an efficient and professional service, only possible for a company with real national dimension.


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Fax.: +351 229 484 959